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Anis - Dans tes yeux

Born of a Russian mother and a Moroccan father, he grew up until age 8 in the Paris suburb of Cergy.As a young man he listened to blues and French chanson: Tom Waits, Bo Diddley, John Lee Hooker, Billie Holiday, Édith Piaf et Colette Magny. He also listens to a lot of rap.In the spring of 2005, he released his first album with the studio "Gang" in Paris. This album contained autobiographical and sober lyrics. The music is a mix of his soul, reggae, and blues influences. The television station France 2 chose him as the Singer of the Summer in 2007; the channel showed regularly videos of Cergy, Intégration, and Avec le Vent.In April 2008 Anis returned to the studio and opened his blog.

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