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Future Islands - Walking Through That Door

Future Islands - Walking Through That Door

Future Islands (formed 2006) is a synthpop band based in Baltimore, Maryland. The band met and formed in Greenville, NC while studying art at East Carolina University. At first it was Art Lord & the Self-Portraits, which was composed of J. Gerrit Welmers, Samuel T. Herring, William Cashion, Adam Beeby, and Kymia Nawabi.That band lasted from February 2003 until Fall of 2005. In 2006, Cashion, Herring, and Welmers formed Future Islands with Erick Murillo, bassist for The Kickass.
Future Islands released Little Advances in April 2006 and a self-released split CD with Welmers’ solo project Moss of Aura in January 2007. In July 2007 they recorded their debut album “Wave Like Home” with Chester Endersby Gwazda at Backdoor Skateshop in Greenville, NC. After a Halloween party in 2007, Erick quit the band. Upset! the Rhythm released Wave Like Home in the Summer of 2008. The cover art was designed by Kymia Nawabi, a former member of Art Lord & the Self-Portraits.
In 2009 the band signed to Chicago independent record company Thrill Jockey.

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