Junior Boys - Banana Ripple

If your musical discussions are confined to thinkpiece warzones, two weeks can feel like a lifetime and two years a fucking eternity. So even if there's a "moment" for "indie R&B" right now, it's easy to forget that Junior Boys' restrained and classy Begone Dull Care was shrugged off because making it look so effortless meant it wasn't novel anymore. The temptation to reclaim that territory is understandable, and "Banana Ripple" does announce itself as a statement, but in the Junior Boys style. Which means even amidst nine minutes of their typically luxuriant minimalism, you can't shake that Jeremy Greenspan might still be holding something back from us. Alternately accusatory and resigned, Greenspan feels like he's sorting things out in real time while "Banana Ripple" is never sure of when it's finished or what it has to say. A steady house pulse and perfectly arranged streaks of synths both harsh and posh run throughout, and while it sounds like it could dissolve into a volley of falsetto at 3:30, four minutes later, a mournful organ sigh tells him it's time to go... only after two additional minutes of comedown drone. It'll be interesting to hear it in context as the closer of It's All True, but "Banana Ripple" itself is a subtly cathartic stunner that ends without feeling like it's truly over.
 by Ian Cohen 

Junior Boys - Banana Ripple by DominoRecordCo

Fela Kuti - Water No Get Enemy

Taken from his 1975 album "Exspensive Shit" The late great Fela Anikulapo Kuti, (15 October 1938 2 August 1997), real name Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome-Kuti, the pioneer of Afrobeat music. A Nigerian multi-instrumentalist musician and composer, human rights activist, and political maverick.

Expensive Shit is his twelfth full-length album. It is considered to be one of his best albums, and was ranked #78 on Pitchfork Media's "Top 100 Albums of the 1970s". The title of the album refers to an incident in which the Nigerian police tried to arrest Kuti by planting a joint on him. Kuti managed to eat the joint which prompted the police to bring him into custody and try to wait for him to produce the excrement. According to legend he managed to use another inmate's feces and was eventually released.

Regarding his name change. He was known as Fela Ransome-Kuti until about 1978, when he renamed himself Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the middle name meaning 'he who carries death in his pouch'. He was a human-rights revolutionary who started his own political party, Movement Of The People, to protest the kleptocracy in Nigeria. He had his own compound called the Kalakuta Republic, in Lagos, which he declared independent from Nigeria, where he and his uncountable number of wives lived, and were constantly terrorized by the government. His influence on funk and African music is unsurpassed with approximately 77 albums.

The musical style performed by Fela Kuti is called Afrobeat, which is essentially a fusion of jazz, funk, psychedelic rock, and traditional African chants and rhythms. It is characterized by having African-style percussion, vocals, and musical structure, along with jazzy, funky horn sections. The endless groove is also used, in which a base rhythm of drums, shekere, muted guitar, and bass guitar are repeated throughout the song. His band was notable for featuring two baritone saxophones, whereas most groups using this instrument only use one. This is a common technique in African and African-influenced musical styles, and can be seen in funk and hip-hop. Some elements often present in Felas music are the call-and-response within the chorus and figurative but simple lyrics. Felas songs were almost always over 10 minutes in length, some reaching the 20- or even 30-minute marks, while some unreleased tracks would last up to 45 minutes when performed live. This was one of many reasons that his music never reached a substantial degree of popularity outside of Africa. His songs were mostly sung in Nigerian pidgin, although he also performed a few songs in the Yoruba language. Felas main instruments were the saxophone and the keyboards, but he also played the trumpet, guitar, and took the occasional drum solo. Fela refused to perform songs again after he had already recorded them, which also hindered his popularity outside Africa. Fela was known for his showmanship, and his concerts were often quite outlandish and wild. He referred to his stage act as the Underground Spiritual Game.

His album output slowed in the 1990s, and eventually he stopped releasing albums altogether. The battle against military corruption in Nigeria was taking its toll, especially during the rise of dictator Sani Abacha. Rumors were also spreading that he was suffering from an illness for which he was refusing treatment. On 3 August 1997, Olikoye Ransome-Kuti, already a prominent AIDS activist and former Minister of Health, stunned the nation by announcing his younger brothers death a day earlier from Kaposis sarcoma brought on by AIDS. (Their younger brother Beko was in jail at this time at the hand of Abacha for political activity). More than a million people attended Felas funeral at the site of the old Shrine compound. A new Africa Shrine has opened since Felas death in a different section of Lagos under the supervision of his son Femi Kuti.

Max Richter & Dinah Washington - The Bitter Earth and On the Nature Of Daylight

From  YouTube page:

This is a proposal for a video clip to the most magical uses of two musical compositions that I have ever heard (Dinah Washington's 'This bitter earth' and Max Richter's 'On the nature of daylight', plays during credits of the film Shutter Island.) I believe both works are truly enhanced by this mix. While I was working on another time lapse piece about the psychological implications of climate change I thought some of the footage might visually suit and further substantiate the beauty of this song.

Scenes are shot in London, Llangollen (Wales) and Zurich (Switzerland) with a Canon Powershot G11.​hedonoikos 

Niva - Ghost In My Head

Such a generic name Niva makes you not to want to give a chance and listen to this tune. And it is amazing late summer night sound.

Otis Redding - (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay

"(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" is a song co-written by soul singer Otis Redding and guitarist Steve Cropper. It was first recorded by Otis Redding in 1967, just days before his death. It was released posthumously on Stax Records' Volt label in 1968,[2] becoming the first posthumous number-one single in U.S. chart history.

While on tour with the Bar-Kays in August 1967, Redding wrote the first verse of the song, under the abbreviated title "Dock of the Bay," on a houseboat at Waldo Point in SausalitoCalifornia.[1] He had come off his famed performance at the Monterey Pop Festival just months earlier in June 1967. While touring in support of the LPs King & Queen (collaborations with female vocalist Carla Thomas) and his live set Live in Europe, he continued to scribble lines of the song on napkins and hotel paper. In November of that year he joined producer and guitarist Steve Cropper at the Stax recording studio in MemphisTennessee.
In a 1990 interview on NPR's Fresh Air, Cropper explained the "origins" of the song:
Otis was one of those kind of guys who had 100 ideas. Anytime he came in to record he always had 10 or 15 different intros or titles, or whatever. He had been at San Francisco playing The Fillmore, and he was staying at a boathouse, which is where he got the idea of the ship coming in. That's about all he had: "I watch the ships come in and I watch them roll away again." I took that and finished the lyrics. If you listen to the songs I wrote with Otis, most of the lyrics are about him. He didn't usually write about himself, but I did. "Mr. Pitiful," "Sad Song (Fa-Fa)"; they were about Otis' life. "Dock Of The Bay" was exactly that: "I left my home in Georgia, headed for the Frisco Bay" was all about him going out to San Francisco to perform.[3]
Together, they completed the music and melancholy lyrics of "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay." From those sessions emerged Otis Redding's final recordings, including "Dock of the Bay," which was recorded on November 22, with additional overdubs on December 8.[1] Redding's restrained yet emotive delivery is backed by Cropper's memorably succinct guitar playing.[4] The song is somewhat different in style from most of Redding's other recordings, but one with which he was very pleased.[1] While discussing his latest song with his wife, Redding stated that he wanted to "be a little different" with "The Dock of the Bay" and "change his style".[1] There were concerns that "The Dock of the Bay" had too much of a pop feel for an Otis Redding record, and contracting Stax gospel act The Staples Singers to record backing vocals was discussed, but never carried out.[1]
Redding continued to tour after the recording sessions and, on December 10, the charter plane which was carrying him crashed into Lake Monona, outside MadisonWisconsin. Redding and six others were killed. Only one passenger survived, Ben Cauleyof The Bar-Kays. Redding's body was recovered from the lake the day after the crash.[citation needed]
Within days, under extreme duress, Cropper was back in the studio with engineer Terry Manning to perform the final mix of the song.

Groove Armada - 1980

I suppose this is how Stevie Nicks would sound in 2011. Love that wall of sound in the chorus.

Florrie - Experimenting with Rugs

Vogue on steroids. Experimenting with Rugs by Florrie is from Experiments, Florrie's second EP, out 14 June 2011.

Florent Marchet & Gaétan Roussel - Des hauts, des bas

Heard this tune being heavy air-waved on french commercial radio stations. Somehow all french songs sound the same. But it doesn't matter at all.

The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love?


I have liked The Rapture before, but somehow something was always lacking. Now this new tune is the mode of Hop Chip a bit, but it lacks the sweet taste that Hot Chip tunes have. Great thing.

The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love?

Active Child - Hanging On

Active Child’s gorgeous, cathartic new single “Hanging On” is the latest entry in Adult Swim’s 2011 Singles series. This one is taken from Active Child’s debut LP You Are All I See — out in August on Vagrant.

Active Child - Hanging On

Lord Huron - The Stranger

Lord Huron - "The Stranger" from Jacob Mendel on Vimeo.
Music Video for LA-based band, Lord Huron. Shot in Northern Michigan with the Canon 5D.
Direction and Cinematography: Jacob Mendel
Band Website:

Class Actress - Keep You (David Dean Burkhart Unofficial Video)

Great unofficial video for Class Actress "Keep You" done by  David Dean Burkhart. Footage is from "Anna" (1967) starring Anna Karina.The song is from the upcoming record "Rapprocher," which is due October 18th via Carpark records.

Emmon - Rock D'Amour

Emmon is the stage name of the  singer, songwriter and producer Emma Nylén (born 4 May 1977 in Stockholm, Sweden). She owns her own home studio called the ProDUCKtion Studio. Emma is also a member of the Swedish indie-pop band Paris. Her solo project first saw the light of day in a sound lab at Konstfack in Stockholm in 2001.

In 7 February 2007, Emmon released her debut album The Art and the Evil on Wonderland Records. It was written, produced, mixed and engineered by Emma Nylén. The tracks “Rock D’Amour” and “Time Can Only Make Things Better” were co-written and co-produced by Jon Axelsson. Three singles supported the album: “Wake Up Time” (issued in 2006), “Rock D’amour” and “Down Below”.

The sophomore album, Closet wanderings, was issued in 19 February 2009, on Wonderland Records. Like her debut album, it was written, produced, mixed and engineered by Emma Nylén. The songs “Torturous Pleasure” and “Lips on Fire” were co-written and co-produced by Jon Axelsson. Two singles supported the album: “Secrets & Lies” and “Lips on fire”.

In June 2011, Emmon issued the third album Nomme on Wonderland Records. The album was preceded by two singles: “Distance” and “Ghost Dance”. On this album, she worked with producer Jimmy Monell, who previously produced for The Sounds and Roxette.

Emmon - Rock D'Amour

Everything But The Girl - Walking Wounded

After all those harmless songs, Everything But The Girl did "The Missing"remix with Todd Terry. I adored that song and EBTG instantly became but favorite band based on just one song which But then the Walking Wounded album came. What they did on that album they never did again, that originality and loose  of the beats held together only by Tracey Thorn's voice. I have thought at the time that drum n bass would go this way into such minimal, sensitive, queasy non repetitive form. Instead most of  dnb became another house. But "Walking Wounded", Adam F's "Circles", and Goldie's "Timeless" remained as the testament that of what dnb could be.

Dead Man's Bones – My Body's a Zombie for You

When I heard this song first time (an hour ago :) I wasn't aware that it is Ryan Gosling ... and his BFF Zach Shields. And the song is so great. So I cough myself thinking that if I had seen this info before, I must would have thought that it is another actor goes singing thing - which means cool, but no thank you. Now I will have to see "Blue Valentine" ...and "The Ides of March"!

Dead Man's Bones - My Body's a Zombie For You

Amon Tobin - Isam

Amon Tobin's ISAM Album Cover

Amon Tobin has been long time favorite of mine. His earlier album were great, amazing even, but the potential that he has was the first thing that struck me. And then the "Bloodstone" came out along with the album "Foley Room". I remember it listening on the bus on a way back from work and I was wtf this is it. Now this ISAM is here which is scary amazing, like king of pop and sound and everything amazing.

To bring his acclaimed electronic album ISAM to life, Brazilian breakbeat producer Amon Tobin commissioned artist Tessa Farmer to create intricate sculptures crafted from insects and animal bones inspired by individual tracks from Tobin’s 2011 work. ISAM will also be touring with a state-of-the-art live projection mapping installation resembling a glitched-out spaceship.

The opening track from ISAM is "Journeyman"

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