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Amon Tobin - Isam

Amon Tobin's ISAM Album Cover

Amon Tobin has been long time favorite of mine. His earlier album were great, amazing even, but the potential that he has was the first thing that struck me. And then the "Bloodstone" came out along with the album "Foley Room". I remember it listening on the bus on a way back from work and I was wtf this is it. Now this ISAM is here which is scary amazing, like king of pop and sound and everything amazing.

To bring his acclaimed electronic album ISAM to life, Brazilian breakbeat producer Amon Tobin commissioned artist Tessa Farmer to create intricate sculptures crafted from insects and animal bones inspired by individual tracks from Tobin’s 2011 work. ISAM will also be touring with a state-of-the-art live projection mapping installation resembling a glitched-out spaceship.

The opening track from ISAM is "Journeyman"

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