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Emmon - Rock D'Amour

Emmon is the stage name of the  singer, songwriter and producer Emma Nylén (born 4 May 1977 in Stockholm, Sweden). She owns her own home studio called the ProDUCKtion Studio. Emma is also a member of the Swedish indie-pop band Paris. Her solo project first saw the light of day in a sound lab at Konstfack in Stockholm in 2001.

In 7 February 2007, Emmon released her debut album The Art and the Evil on Wonderland Records. It was written, produced, mixed and engineered by Emma Nylén. The tracks “Rock D’Amour” and “Time Can Only Make Things Better” were co-written and co-produced by Jon Axelsson. Three singles supported the album: “Wake Up Time” (issued in 2006), “Rock D’amour” and “Down Below”.

The sophomore album, Closet wanderings, was issued in 19 February 2009, on Wonderland Records. Like her debut album, it was written, produced, mixed and engineered by Emma Nylén. The songs “Torturous Pleasure” and “Lips on Fire” were co-written and co-produced by Jon Axelsson. Two singles supported the album: “Secrets & Lies” and “Lips on fire”.

In June 2011, Emmon issued the third album Nomme on Wonderland Records. The album was preceded by two singles: “Distance” and “Ghost Dance”. On this album, she worked with producer Jimmy Monell, who previously produced for The Sounds and Roxette.

Emmon - Rock D'Amour

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