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Special recommendation for indie noise band VVhile. VVhile is Serbian indie rock duo from Belgrade formed in May, 2011. The band is Stevan Cirovic on drums and vocals and Andrija Spicanovic on guitar and vocals. Formed on the ashes of Serbian math rock pioneers Cut Self Not and hardcore punk legends Jaibo! and Let's Grow, VVhile delivers pop driven songs fueled with 80s punk rock energy colored with noise and shoegazing attitude.

You should also check Andrija's summer pop band the Tough Guys of America which is more radio friendly.

released 25 May 2012
All songs recorded in our rehersal space by Marko Ilic in September 2011
Produced by Marko Ilic and VVHILE
Mastered by Marko Ilic
Album cover by Stevan Cirovic

Release in limited edition of 100 black and 100 white vynils is provided by: (macedonian record label/promoter) (german/israel record label/promoter)
jazz chairs (our own record label) 

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